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Sven Camera Systems

Sven Premium Camera Solutions

Sven, the proud developer and owner of the Sven camera systems.

Distributed throughout several countries in Western-Europe, Sven provides camera solutions to professional commercial logistics, agriculture and transportation companies. Additionally, Sven premium camera systems are successful being used in governmental and maritime industries as well. Sven camera systems, an extra eye for a safe, efficiƫnt and comfortable work situations. Sven products have been designed for the toughest working conditions. Sven systems are manufactured along the highest production standards available. Benefit from over 16 years of product experience.

Sven products are being distributed and provided through the recognized Sven dealer network. Sven is proud to work with dealers who are proven successful professionals in the concerning different industries and markets. Sven dealers posses a strong commitment to quality and service performance.

All products of the Skandinavian brand are certified in line with European law requirements.

Sven network

Sven Camera Systems: an extra eye for Quality and Service

SVEN premium rearview camera's